Blackshear Bridge is building community partnerships, developing infrastructure, and delivering education to support environmental and economic sustainability, wellness,  and experiential learning at Blackshear Elementary School and in central east Austin.


Empower Each Other to:

  • Enjoy Teaching and Learning Together
  • Care for Each Other & the Environment
  • Maintain Diversity
  • Build Community Unity
  • Create Stability & Prosperity

GOALS: Fall 2013 – August 2015

GOAL 1   Maintain and Expand Outdoor Education at Blackshear Elementary School

GOAL 2   Create a collaborative non-profit organization that unifies community organizations and resources in and for the Blackshear-Prospect Hill Neighborhood with particular emphasis on Blackshear Elementary School and Huston-Tillotson University

GOAL 3   Collaborate with school and community to develop and implement a sustainable, outdoor classroom for Blackshear Elementary School

GOAL 4   Survey the community for job skills and list available neighbors in a Blackshear Bridge “Treasure Chest” of talent

GOAL 5   Work with neighborhood entrepreneurs to incubate Blackshear Bridge’s first small cooperative

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