Get involved!

Soil Testing with Huston-Tillotson's Dirt Y ProfesorThere are plenty of fun and fulfilling ways to participate with new Blackshear Bridge friends.  For more information or to volunteer, email or phone 512-299-5776.  Hay un montón de maneras divertidas para participar con el Puente Blackshear. Para más información o para ser voluntario, mande un correo electrónico a o llame por teléfono 512-299-5776.

Welcome!  Bienvenidos!

    • Teach your special outdoors sustainability skill during Enrichment Time or another class.
    • Become a School Garden Mentor and teach during Enrichment Time.
    • To work with Blackshear Bridge and the kids at Blackshear Elementary School, register here.
  • GROW
    • Participate in a community planting day.
    • Water the garden during school year vacations or during the summer.
  • FUND
    • DSC_9687Make a financial contribution — send a check to “Blackshear Bridge”, 1500 Gregory St., Austin, TX 78702
    • Work with us to write a Grant for a project.
    • Contribute materials, plants, music or books.
    • Build the next schoolyard project in our neighborhood!
    • Teach children and parents how to build — share your skills!
    • Help enter data for the people who sign up at our events.
    • Coordinate an Event.
    • Post on Blackshear Bridge’s Facebook page & Twitter account.
    • First Meeting BBBecome the webmaster or blogger for Blackshear Bridge
    • Photograph events

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