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With rapid growth destabilizing families, students, elders, and other low and middle income working people in Central East Austin, Blackshear Bridge is anchoring our community here on Prospect Hill – La Loma with sustainability education, green infrastructure, living wage jobs for college students, affordability engagement to prevent displacement, and… a mural at Blackshear Elementary shedding light on long-time Principal Friendly R. Rice and reuniting the community at the unveiling birthday party on April 26, 2019.

We would like your help to honor the best of Austin’s past and create a diverse and sustainable future for all.

Blackshear Bridge leverages resources with our awesome partners Blackshear Elementary School, Huston-Tillotson University’s Green is the New Black student group and HT’s Sandra Joy Anderson Center for Civic Engagement and Community Outreach, Six Square: Austin’s Black Cultural District, UT’s Longhorn Center for Community Engagement and Hispanic Austin Leadership.

We still need some dough in order to coordinate and lead these programs.  Please pitch in today with your generous year-end donation to honor the best of Austin’s past and create a diverse and equitable future for all!

Your generous contribution will help Blackshear Bridge to:

1.  Commission a mural at Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy celebrating the life and academic excellence of long-time Blackshear Elementary School Principal Friendly R. Rice – $5,000;

2.  Sponsor a table for six at the April 26, 2019, Mural Unveiling, Friendly Rice Birthday Party, and Reunion of Blackshear Alumni – we’re looking for 5 Table Sponsors at $1,000 table or 10 Co-sponsors;

3.  Provide living wage work, professional experience, and connections to help HT and UT college students bust through barriers to employment; $5,000

4.  Send our friends of resiliency to knock on every door in Blackshear-Prospect Hill – that’s 2,000 households – to provide brochures on affordability resources and civic engagement how-to’s, to gather data on vulnerability and need in our neighborhood; and to launch Blackshear Bridge’s new membership program; $5,000

5.  Negotiate the right to return for recently displaced neighbors from Heritage Heights, support programs to stabilize future residents, and community engagement surrounding siting, design, and programs for Accessory Dwelling Units planned for Heritage Heights — it’s a social justice re-do for Austin’s first affordable homeownership development;  $5,000

Please consider digging deep to help Blackshear Bridge set Austin on the good foot for community-based art, the mural unveiling reunion of Blackshear Alumni, living wage work and professional experience for college students, affordability outreach and engagement against displacement.

We will recognize and thank you for your contribution all year on our website, in our communications, and at our events!

Click here to Make your generous, year-end contribution today! to honor the best of Austin’s past and to create the future of fairness, diversity and community stability in Central East Austin.   

Thank you.  

Peace and love to you,

Gina Tillis, Oscar Garza, Ben Keyfitz, Matt Flores, Donna Hoffman, Nell Peterson, Micaela Murphy and interns Gabrielle Plummer and Saffana M. Velji

PS Please join us at the mural unveiling and the Friendly R. Rice Birthday Party and Blackshear Elementary School Alumni Reunion – April 26, 2019.

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