Blackshear Schoolyard

Blackshear Elementary School’s students, families, teachers, staff and community members are Creating a Schoolyard Plan.   The Campus Green Team, and neighborhood architect Diana Su are leading the way!

Diana has researched the history of the campus, created a site map, and gathered ideas from the people who use the campus or live near by.

Here’s the VIDEO of Blackshear Bridge’s design process with the school and community.

Thanks, Diana!!!

Thanks also to Principal Jenkins and the Campus Green Team:  Co-Chairs Bo Boatright and Anabel Pagan, Secretary Maria Perez, Treasurer Rebecca Birdwell, and members Elisabeth Healey, Lorraine Paige, Roger Grape, Luz Hernandez,  and Donna Hoffman.  Also to Carol Parton who helps make many things happen at Blackshear Elementary School.

We have the school’s and community’s ideas.  Next step — DESIGN!

Want to contribute to transforming the Blackshear Bridge Schoolyard?  Ok!  Thanks!

Please send a generous check to:   Blackshear Bridge, c/o Blackshear Elementary School, 1712 E. 11th St. , Austin, TX  78701.  Write “Schoolyard Action Plan #1” on your check’s memo.

Your donation will be used to pay for the design, plants, materials, irrigation for the first couple of years while the plants establish themselves in the heat, seating for around the schoolyard and other structures to create a sustainable campus at Blackshear Elementary School.