Eclipsing Our Wildest Dreams

Party to watch the total eclipse of the moon.

(c)2004 Fred Espenak

(c)2004 Fred Espenak

Sunday, Sept. 27, 7:10-9:47 PM at Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub, 2316 Webberville Rd., Austin, TX  78702.  A fundraiser for Blackshear Bridge.  Contributions large and small accepted.

monarch chrysalisBlackshear Bridge is rising. Emerging like a monarch from its chrysalis.  Revealing itself from behind the earth’s shadow like the sun reflected off a full moon.

Ok.  Maybe that’s a bit dramatic.  To put it simply, we’re becoming real.

Sunday, September 27, from 7:10-9:47 PM during a total eclipse of the moon, Blackshear Bridge hosts Yoli Sanchez Neeck, Nell Peterson, Kevin Ritcherson, Donna Hoffman, and Betty Jenkins, are gathering all of our friends to help make it real! Here’s the fun to be had:

  • Watch the total eclipse with friends through a telescope.
  • Bid on the Treaty Oak saplings, Texas Nails and Music gift certificate and other items in the Silent Auction.
  • Enjoy free sandwiches until they run out courtesy of our hosts Gourmand’s and Access Realty.
  • Buy your own beverage.
  • Make new friends and bring the old.
  • Enjoy the surprise musical guest’s dulcet tones so as not to disturb the neighborhood.
  • Think about what you can do and contribute what you can according to your ability. Donations of $1 to $5,000 accepted happily.

2015-03-07 1st Young Farmers MarketThose veggies that we help the kids plant and they eat and share with their families are real. All that nectar and pollen the bees and butterflies are sucking down and gathering up are real.  Those piles of compost and recyclables we’re diverting from the waste stream are real.

The events we coordinate and present — the big fun Community Garden Work Days, the Bread & Roses Community Farm Stand and most of all the Inch by Inch: Putting the Garden in Kindergarten lessons we provide in the outdoor classroom we build are REAL!!!

We are creating a community educational food hub.

Why shouldn’t Blackshear Bridge be real?

It costs money to maintain all the work we do. So in the second year of our infancy, Blackshear Bridge leadership are in the process of raising funds to create paid positions to sustain our work and to pay for the materials we purchase from our pockets.

At the Eclipsing Our Wildest Dreams party and benefit for Blackshear Bridge, you can help.

Sunday, Sept. 27, 7:10-9:47 PM at Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub, 2316 Webberville Rd., in the awesome 78702.

Other Fall events where Blackshear Bridge encourages you to come and support Blackshear Bridge becoming real:

  • Blackshear Bridge at City Council Citizens Communications, Thurs Sept 10, 11:45-12:30 PM, City Hall
  • Big Fun Community Garden Work Day, Sat, Sept 12, 9AM – Noon, Blackshear Elementary School’s Yellow Jacket Garden
  • Eclipsing Our Wildest Dreams, Sun, Sept 27, 7:10-9:47 PM, Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub, 2316 Webberville Rd. 78702
  • Bread & Roses Community Farm Stand, First Fridays, Oct 2, Nov 7, Dec 4 at Blackshear Elementary School playscape door on Salina and Gregory St. 78702

Hope to see you at one of these fun events!  Donna

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