Viva Brooke!

Bee Proud Crew - Eye ContactWelcome to a hidden jewel on Austin’s east side.  Brooke Elementary School on Tillery between 4th & 5th Streets is open for the 2017-2018 school year.  Brooke children, parents, staff and friends plan to keep the school open. They want everyone to know the community that makes Brooke special.  This fall Brooke parents are asking Austin ISD Trustees to keep Brooke open. You can learn more about Brooke on a tour of the campus during Festival de Leones – Friday, October 24.

What is special about the Brooke community?

  • Brooke’s campus and outdoor programs provide a shady haven for children and wildlife with towering sycamore trees, fruit trees, veggie gardens, ponds, bee hives, chickens, ducks, and over 30 species of wildlife habitat plants.
  • Parents and special needs children cherish and rely upon Brooke’s life skills and pre-school program for children with disabilities.  Brooke’s highly experienced and talented special education teachers teach kids how to communicate and take care of themselves.
  • The robotics program challenges Brooke students to conquer engineering problems and takes Brooke students to the leading edge of high tech innovation.
  • Most of all Brooke is a welcoming, accepting, and supportive Hortons Big Win learning community. Its been built up over generations and Brooke is one of the primarily Latino communities that contributes to Austin’s vibrant diversity.

Dr. Seuss’ elephant Horton in Horton Hears a Who says, a community is a community, no matter how small.

We think so too.

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