HOLA! There’s a Community Here

Last Fall, Blackshear Bridge met an enthusiastic group of young Hispanic professionals from Hispanic Austin Leadership (HAL). Matt Flores, Shelly Cruz, Amanda Jasso, Kaitlyn Cosenza, Sylvia Butanda, and Rodrigo Aguayo formed a HAL Financial Stability Team and partnered with Blackshear Bridge for their Spring project to qualify for graduation from the HAL program.
The HAL team helped to raise funds that made it possible for Blackshear Bridge to print and distribute a brochure the team created — the HOLA Helping Others Live Affordably resource brochure.
2018-11 Vision Gathering 2

HAL Team with Blackshear Bridge community members and friends. Back row – Blackshear Principal Rick Garner, HAL Team Rodrigo Aguayo, Sylvia Butanda, Shelly Cruz, and Kaitlyn Cosenza, Neighbor Nell Peterson, HAL Team member and Blackshear Bridge Board Secretary, Matt Flores. Front row – Blackshear parent Ashley Keyfitz, Blackshear Bridge Board President Gina Tillis, and UT LBJ student Renee Gadsden.

HOLA brochure at CanvassBlackshear Bridge contracted with 15 young people at a living wage of $15 an hour.  It was mostly Huston-Tillotson University students and some other great folks  who responded to the gig. On Saturday, April 20, Blackshear Bridge canvassers distributed approximately 500 HOLA resource brochures to residents and others in the Blackshear Prospect Hill Neighborhood.
The canvassers received much positive appreciation from neighbors at Rosewood Courts, Salina Apartments and at homes throughout the neighborhood.  They reported that people said — “Yes. I need that. That’s very helpful. Thank you very much. Where were you last week!”
Canvassers Tyranee Wood and Elvi distributed more of the HOLA brochures at a community forum on Monday, April 22 called PreSERVING East Austin put on by students of Blackshear Bridge President Gina Tillis at Huston-Tillotson University.  More on that in an upcoming post.
The HAL Financial Stability team’s HOLA Resource Brochure will be an asset that lives on and helps people to live affordably in central East Austin.
Learn more about HAL by registering here to attend the HAL graduation on May 9 from 6:00-8:00 PM.
Thanks HAL Team!
Jordan Cooper was one of 15 canvassers who distributed the HOLA brochure and Blackshear Bridge’s Bridging the Gap news.

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